FBDC Tweeterboard: DC Pubs

It’s that time of the month again to see who’s up and who’s down in the Twitter-verse. FishbowlDC’s number-crunchers are hard at work analyzing data from all manner of DC media accounts, but for today let’s talk print and online publications. We took a look at the followers of DC’s biggest pubs and compared them to stats from last month.

Here are the top take-aways: 1) USA Today, which has a much bigger circulation that WaPo, has far fewer Twitter followers. 2) The Hill and Politico are continuing to dominate on Twitter, out-performing their competitors in both followers and growth-rate. 3) Roll Call was the big outlier here, showing a very poor growth rate month over month.


Washington Post: 2,348,379 (+2.5% month over month)
USA Today: 888,456 (+3.0% MOM)
Washington Times: 121,144 (+2.1% MOM)
Washington City Paper: 38,751 (+4.2% MOM)

Political Pubs/Websites:

Politico: 659,427 (+1.4% MOM)
The Hill: 397,024 (+1.45% MOM)
Roll Call: 159,239 (+0.6% MOM)
Daily Caller: 126,252 (+1.3% MOM)
National Journal: 76,422 (+1.18% MOM)
Washington Examiner: 15,778 (+4.28% MOM)