FBDC Tweeterboard: DC Pubs

FishbowlDC tallied the Twitter followers of the top 25 online and print publications -including blogs, magazines, newspapers, and weeklies -produced here in the District, or nearby. We are also calculated how much percentage-wise their follower base grew since last month. Here are the rankings:

Top 10 DC Publications

Followers% Change MOM
1.)Washington Post2,662,4394.27
2.)USA Today1,024,6505.15
4.)The Atlantic465,7684.77
5.)Foreign Policy448,9923.54
6.)The Hill429,3442.43
7.)West Wing Reports196,2770.43
8.)Roll Call165,9521.43
9.)Daily Caller135,2812.38
10.)Washington Times130,3053.24

Check out 11 – 25 after the jump…

11.)Chronicle of Philanthropy116,1362.72
12.)Chronicle of Higher Education108,5873.57
13.)Weekly Standard94,5311.06
14.)Inside Higher Ed93,7344.39
16.)National Journal81,7812.42
17.)US News and World Report73,6021.65
19.)Stars and Stripes63,7675.7
20.)Washington City Paper45,5753.95
22.)We Love DC34,4712.92
23.)Washington Free Beacon30,8856.51
24.)Washington Examiner21,4459.78
25.)Washington Blade21,0962.69