FBDC Tweeterboard: DC Pubs

Last week, we investigated the social standing of DC’s local broadcast talent. Now let’s take a look at local publications. FishbowlDC tallied the Twitter followers of the top 25 online and print publications -including blogs, magazines, newspapers, and weeklies -produced here in the District, or nearby. Here’s how it all shook out:

Top 10 DC Publications

1.)Washington Post2,553,417
2.)USA Today974,459
4.)The Atlantic444,548
5.)Foreign Policy433,635
6.)The Hill419,142
7.)West Wing Reports195,436
8.)Roll Call163,609
9.)Daily Caller132,141
10.)Washington Times126,218

Check out 11 – 25 after the jump…

11.)Weekly Standard93,533
12.)Inside Higher Ed89,789
14.)National Journal79,851
15.)US News and World Report72,403
17.)Stars and Stripes60,328
18.)Washington City Paper43,842
20.)We Love DC33,492
21.)Washington Free Beacon28,996
22.)Washington Blade20,542
23.)Washington Examiner19,534
24.)Prince of Petworth17,732
25.)Washington Life16,060