Fear and Lunching at Rick’s Cabaret

FT and The Fat Jew FTW!

The colleague plaudits for Financial Times commissioning arts editor John Sunyer’s lunch column are coming in fast and furious. Boss Neil Sullivan has deemed the article “gonzo lunch,” while columnist Simon Kuper calls it the best article he’s read in months.

Sunyer met with The Fat Jew at Midtown strip bar Rick’s Cabaret. Among the topics discussed was the nitty-gritty of the comedian’s monstrously popular Instagram feed:

You can’t eat at the bar, so we move to a table in the corner of the room. Once settled in, The Fat Jew explains how, each day, from an office he rents in the back of a nail salon in Queens, he and three interns search the bowels of the web for unusual, often slightly ridiculous images — so long as they haven’t already gone viral — to post to his followers.

Last month, celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to approve same-sex marriage across the US, he posted a Photoshopped picture of rapper Kanye West kissing his double. Below it, the Fat Jew wrote: “Finally, Kanye can legally marry himself absolutely anywhere in this great nation.” The picture gained almost 238,000 likes.

Right down to the final, send-off quote, this is great summertime newspaper reading. Catch the full Ostrovsky here. And if you’re hungry for more Fat Jew-Kanye business, click here.