Australian Newspaper Celebrates Fashion Week’s Down Under First-Day Flavor

How’s this for a vertiginous fashion-industry trajectory?

TOME, a design label created by the New York-based Australian pair of Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, were finalists in the 2013 edition of the Vogue/Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Fund. Next week, the company’s wares will become available in Myer department stores across Australia, representing TOME’s first major Down Under account. And yesterday afternoon, alongside fellow Aussie fashion rising star Dion Lee, TOME was front and center for the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It was the company’s very first catwalk show.


Among those sitting in the front row for the TOME presentation was Iranian artist Shirin Neshat. She figures prominently and integrally in the designer pair’s success. From a write-up by The Australian fashion editor Glynis Traill-Nash:

“She [Neshat] has become a friend of ours – it’s a complex dynamic,” Lobo told The Weekend Australian after the successful show. “We’ve spent a lot of time with her, and it’s so beautiful to see the process of her work. It’s something we haven’t experienced before, the person we’re paying tribute to respond to that tribute.”

Another influence was the late Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum, who is the subject of a documentary Neshat is making.

Yesterday was Lee’s second Fashion Week appearance, and by his account, it went great. Congrats to all three of these Australian fashion industry rising stars; very impressive.

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