Fashion Week: Oscar Posse Holds Breath On Red Carpet Fate

Academy Awards show producer Gil Cates has done such a good job of keeping his plans for an ‘alternate’ broadcast should the writer’s strike remain unresolved come February 24, that even Academy insiders who would ordinarily be gearing up for the big night by now are still in the dark. Tom Julian, who oversees fashion commentary on says he’s received no word on what to do with the usually all-encompassing fashion coverage that typically kicks into high gear come Fashion Week, should there be no red carpet runway:

“I have no idea what’s happening with the pre-show,” says Julian. “If you look at the site, all that’s there are the nominations. That’s it. We’ve been told nothing at this point.”

A Oscar broadcast without the fashion parade would be devastating all around, says Julian. “Just look at the numbers for the Globes. The interest in celebrity fashion fuels so much of the interest. If there’s no red carpet, the repercussions would be quite serious for the fashion industry and for the stars. Where else can they do that kind of preening and posturing?”

Julian says there’s a direct correlation between the uncertain state of Oscar’s red carpet and the lack of big-screen stars at Fashion Week. “Celebrities and their handlers don’t want to go the expense of coming out here if they’re not going to be photographed on the red carpet. I think that’s why so many of them stayed home.”

Diane Clehane