Fashion Week: Angie Harmon to WGA: “Let’s Get This Thing Worked Out!”

Glamazon actress Angie Harmon has been passing time this week at the tents doing a Fashion Week diary for InStyle (slated for the April issue) and sitting in the front row of shows like that of pal Michael Kors. But truth be told, she really wants to go back to work. The former Law & Order star whose new ABC show Women’s Murder Club has been stalled with the WGA strike, says it’s time to get serious. “This is really get bad,” the statuesque star told us Wednesday. “It’s really gone on long enough. I’m tired of this. There, I said it, let’s get this thing worked out.”

Harmon, like every other bold-faced name in Hollywood, is truly saddened by the news that the Vanity Fair Oscar party is the lastest victim of the strike. “It’s so much a part of the glamour of the Oscars. It’s really too bad. A lot of people are very disappointed.” Harmon says she’ll probably throw a small viewing party of her own at home. But will she wear an evening gown? “I’ve been known to walk around in a gown at home. Why not?”

Diane Clehane