Fashion Designer Marc Ecko Launches Campaign to Stop Corporal Punishment

In an unexpected, interesting move, fashion designer Marc Ecko has gone into a bit of public service work. He’s launched Unlimited Justice, a site and mobile app dedicated to fighting corporal punishment in American schools. While it might initially seem a bit of an archaic fight, with the paddle-wielding teacher a thing several generations past, the site reports that, in twenty states, it’s still legal for a teacher to hit a child, and more than 200,000 students have been abused in this fashion “according to the latest talley by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.” We have no idea what prompted Ecko to launch the campaign, either his seeing recent data and being effected by it, or some personal experience from his past, or perhaps, after being forced to sell control of his label back in 2009, he’s decided to become more charitable. Whatever the case, it seems like a worthwhile cause, and here’s to hoping it proves very successful. Here’s the project’s launch video: