Family Circle Launches Awards Program Akin To Good Housekeeping Seal

Meredith’s Family Circle has launched an awards program, not unlike Hearst-owned Good Housekeeping‘s well-recognized “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” Unlike the Good Housekeeping Seal, however, Family Circle‘s equivalent, to be called “The Family Circle of Excellence,” is focused more on drumming up ad sales than on testing and rating products for readers.

The magazine is allowing advertisers, who were deemed excellent through reader votes, to buy the rights to use the seal in their own marketing campaigns as well as purchase incremental ad pages should they wish to use the stamp of approval in those ads. So far, two companies — Purex and another brand Good Housekeeping has yet to name — have agreed to use the seal in their promotional efforts.

The magazine describes the awards thusly:

Our first-ever Circle of Excellence awards go to food, beauty, and household products that wowed us editors and you—we sent samples to readers throughout the country to test. Only items that earned across-the-board raves made the final cut.

In addition, interested readers can visit to buy products featuring the seal. In turn, has agreed to shares sales numbers with the magazine in order to determine whether this newly-implemented program will boost sales for advertisers.