Fall Has Arrived, And Your Television Is Ready

Over at the LA Times, TV critic Robert Lloyd has done us the service of reviewing the entire goddamned fall season. A few highlights and observations…

On ‘Glee’ (Fox):

Obvious sometimes, ambitious most times, as corny as Kansas in August but also a little perverse, it makes up in spirit what it lacks in sense.

On ‘The Beautiful Life’ (CW):

the pilot felt sewn together from old scraps.

On ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (CW):

I imagine a network executive holding up a DVD of “Twilight” and bellowing, “Get me one of these!” (I have no idea how the TV business actually works, mind you.)

On “The Cleveland Show’ (Fox):

Black character from “The Family Guy” gets a spinoff, moves back home, remarries and — family aside, is still surrounded by white people.

On ‘Hank’ (ABC):

Kelsey Grammer plays a fired CEO who somehow forgot his golden parachute — they might as well have made him a talking eggplant, as likely as that is —

Read the full run-down here.