Fader Publisher Andy Cohn: ‘This Generation Is Just Not Going To Wait That Long For Music News’

We all know how the rip-and-burn MP3 culture has drawn the ire of the recording industry — Metallica’s Lars Ulrich included. But what about the industry’s magazines, who have collectively witnessed the underwhelming sale of Spin and subsequent struggle to integrate a new editor, a general decline in advertising revenue, and the closing of niche titles like Harp, Circus and Grooves?

“They [mainstream music magazines] are being beaten to every story by blogs and music-driven Web sites, as the timing is too immediate for monthlies, bi-monthlies, or weeklies to try and compete with,” says Fader publisher Andy Cohn. “This generation is just not going to wait that long for music ‘news.'”

Burning and Ripping Music Magazines in the MP3 Era