Facebook Hosts First Solo Party

Facebook D.C. had its cotillion of sorts last night with a party at The Wine Bar at J&G Steakhouse in the W. Imagine 40 media types and a smattering of tech gurus all hanging out drinking ginger margaritas.

Two-thirds of Facebook’s small DC office showed up – Tim Sparapani, director of public policy, and Andrew Noyes (a former tech reporter with CongressDaily who once landed on The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful” list), manager of public policy communications. Their FB colleague Adam Conner was out of the country.

Forget the electric slide — a doppelganger contest broke out, which Facebook issued last week. Partygoers who participated and admitted who they believe their twin is:

The Hill’s Emily Goodin: Sarah Michelle Gellar
WaPo’s Amy Argetsinger: Nancy Kerrigan
Event organizer Barbara Martin: Bette Midler
Tech business owner Gloria Dittus: Previously, Jane Curtain

FB Washington opened last spring. This was the first party they were able to host alone without Google, Amazon and Yahoo, which helped host a holiday fest in December. Noyes gives a shout-out to Jayne Sandman of Fingerprint Communications and the wine bar for making this happen.

Noyes has 1,080 friends, and says he has never de-friended anyone but has 246 friendship requests pending. “I’m bad at that part,” he admits.

FB offices exist around the world: Palo Alto HQ, New York City, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Dublin, U.K. with more expected to open soon.

Read The Hill’s account of the party here.