Facebook at Work Set to Launch in January

fb logoAccording to The Financial Times, Facebook is gearing up to introduce a new product in January allowing users to chat with colleagues, connect with professionals and collaborate.

It sounds like it’s going to look very similar like the Facebook as we know it today with its groups and constant newsfeed. And while it sounds like it’s set to compete with LinkedIn, Microsoft Office and Google Drive, it’s going to look slightly different from Mark Zuckerberg’s site. That’s because holiday photos and random videos from personal profiles can be separated from a user’s work identity.

Per the piece, the product’s being tested at the moment with various companies. It sounds like employees at the social networking company is already using it internally in their daily work lives.

It’ll be interesting to see how this is rolled out considering some companies currently ban Facebook from their employees due to impacting productivity by spending work hours checking personal message and their own newsfeeds.