Facebook and Twitter News Use on The Rise

Facebook and Twitter are certified news sources.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.43.42 AMPeople are increasingly turning to Facebook and Twitter for news. Pew Research Center found that 63 percent of Facebook and Twitter members use the platforms to access news, up from 47 percent and 52 percent, respectively, in 2013.

As you might expect, people use the sites in different ways. Twitter crushes Facebook when it comes to breaking news, as 59 percent of people said they use Twitter to follow breaking stories, while only 31 percent use Facebook.

On the other hand, about 32 percent of Facebook users said they post about “government and politics,” and 28 percent comment on those types of posts. Only 25 percent of Twitter users post about government and politics, with just 13 percent replying to tweets on those subjects.

(Image: Pew Research Center)