Exclusive: E!’s Hollywood Party Girl Hangs Up Her Stilettos, Gets a Big-Girl Job

lara.jpgThe ladies at E! today dove into a pink cake adorned with Barbies and unicorns to mark the departure of Lara Morgenson, the woman who went from being Ted Casablanca’s “whipping bitch,” to the feared and adored Hollywood Party Girl.

Lara is heading to Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, where she will have the very un-sorority-girl title of Executive Editor.

Instead of shadowing Paris Hilton’s every move, Lara will now write and edit broader stories about LA personalities with a little more depth (interpret that dangling participle any way you please).

“In addition to interviewing celebrities and personalities, I will be managing some of the magazine’s high profile contributors,” she tells FBLA. “I will act as the liaison for Niche Media (they have numerous other magazines that often do photo shoots here) on the West Coast by attending photo shoots, charity benefits, events and premieres.”

Lara, who got her start editing Comp lit and Art History books at Simon & Schuster in NY, says she knew it was time to quit the party-girl lifestyle when she didn’t care that she couldn’t get into Hyde.

And so, as she slipped off her stilettos and massaged her aching heels, Lara agreed to answer a few of our dumb question:

Q: Best Hollywood Party Girl moment?

A: At Sundance I went up to a doorman for one of the many premiere after-parties and said my name, Lara Morgenson. The list manager snottily said, “I-m sorry — we’re at a capacity.” Didn’t even check my name to see if it was on the list. I said fine, I’ll go to one of the other parties going on and walked off. Less than a minute later my cell rings and the voice on the other end screamed, “Is this Lara Morgenson, the Hollywood Party Girl? You have to come back, I’m sorry, please come back!” I went back and they treated me like the other celebs at the party (which included Naomi Watts) by sitting me in the VIP section with table service. I felt like I had made it!”

Q: Worst Hollywood Party Girl moment?
A: Getting denied VIP access at the BMG Grammy party. It was my first column and they gave me general access–all the celebs were in the Spider Room and I was stuck in the Avalon with all the other not-really-at-the-party people. Total downer

Q: Advice for any incoming Party Girl?

A: Don’t be the scene stealer, leave the table-top dancing to Paris, Lindsay, Mischa, Nicole … and Britney!