Examiner Tweaks Distribution Strategy

The Examiner (Washington, Baltimore, San Francisco) is doubling its circulation in newspaper racks and trimming its home delivery.

From E&P:

    Clarity Media Group, which operates the free Examiner newspapers in Washington, D.C., Baltimore and San Francisco, plans to add a Sunday edition to each and expand the current Thursday editions, the company revealed Thursday.

    Home delivery, which had occurred on each day of the week, will be scaled back to only Thursday and Sunday, according to Clarity Media Group CEO Ryan McKibben. “We are shuffling assets that were of marginal value to better serve the reader pre-weekend and Sunday and on the web,” he told E&P. “They have the most opportunity and the most demand.”

The moves take place on July 13 and accompany further upgrades to Examiner.com:

    “The Examiner’s internet presence continues to grow and mature. Newspaper websites associated with the Washington, Baltimore and San Francisco Examiners are being upgraded to better support local newsroom operations.”

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