Ex-Salon Writer Blasts Press Coverage of Bush Years in Book

Eric Boehlert, the former Salon senior writer, is readying the May release of Lapdogs, a new book that puts the media covering George W. Bush‘s presidency on the chopping block. Via the release:

In Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush, journalist Eric Boehlert looks unsparingly at how, during the George W. Bush presidency, the hesitant press corps lost its bearings while reporting on crucial stories-from WMDs to Valerie Plame to illegal domestic surveillance. Riveting in its sharp denouncement, and with dozens of disheartening examples of journalism malpractice, Lapdogs thoroughly dissects the press’s misconduct and gives voice to the growing public dismay with the timid mainstream media.

Those would be “fixtures such as The New York Times, CBS, CNN, and Time magazine” who “too often ignored the administration’s missteps and misleading words, and did not call out the public officials who betrayed the country’s trust.”

And, just to think, there’s a full 18 months left for the press to rebuild its “timid” image, or continue to await the administration’s strategically-placed table scraps. Or so Boehlert’s premise goes.