Ex-Onion Editor To Develop Crappy Movie For Area Men, Women

Miramax Films is developing a movie with Robert Siegel, the former editor of the Onion. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Homeland Insecurity will “track the misadventures of two Arab-Americans who are mistaken for terrorists while on a business trip to Texas.”

Siegal co-wrote the script for The Untitled Onion Movie for Fox-based Regency Enterprises. Speaking of which, what the hell happened to the Onion Movie?

Via FishbowlLA:

Well, when it got started in 2004, it was to have been a Fox Searchlight release that was co-financed by Regency. You’ll notice it’s not billed that way anymore, because Fox Searchlight’s Peter Rice wants nothing more to do with it. Insiders tell FishbowlLA that while 70% of the film was quite funny, the rest was quite unfunny. The more the studio dithered about what to do, the older and moldier the material got. For example, jokes about Britney Spears‘ questionable status as a virgin don’t hold up so well when she’s about to whelp her second pup. Says one insider: “You’ll probably never see it released.”

Well, 70% funny sounds good enough for us.

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