‘Everything Is Wrong With Me’ Blogger Jason Mulgrew Lands New Book Deal

Bi-coastal blogger Jason Mulgrew has landed a second book deal with Harper Perennial. His first memoir,”Everything Is Wrong with Me: A Memoir of an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong” came out last year.

From his hilarious email blast to fans:

I’m very, very happy to announce that I will be writing a second book with Harper Perennial. This probably says a number of things about the world, the publishing industry and the miracle-working abilities of my agent, but let’s just say that it finally and firmly proves that yes, it is possible to get lucky twice. This next book will be similar in some ways to the first (a few pictures, a lot of penis jokes, etc), but it will cover my incredibly strange, awkward and wonderful high school years – if you think the childhood was weird, boy, are you in for some shit now.

As a man of limited talents and four jokes (I’m fat, my bird is small, I don’t get laid, I like beer…and that’s it), I have no one to thank – or blame, perhaps – but you for all your support for the blog over the years and your pimpage of the book over the past few months, support and pimpage that has turned me into a real-live writer (and shit) and has plugged me into a world of sexual escapades (or sexcapades, if you will) of which I’d previously never dreamed imaginable.

With his blog “Everything Is Wrong With Me,” Mulgrew was among the first wave of bloggers to transform his free web musings into larger, paid, projects. He also must undoubtedly be one of the first ordinary looking dudes to parlay blogging into sexual favors from fans. Back in 2005 Mulgrew was named one of People‘s “50 Hottest Bachelors.” Yes, the same guy from the picture.