Everything I know about reporters I learned from the movies

Between watching the Scream series with Courtney Cox as reporter Gale Weathers and the latest zombie movie Quarantine with Jennifer Carpenter as a reporter trapped in the mayhem, I get it: Hollywood does not like journalists. If a reporter is featured in a movie, they will most likely be one or more of the following:

1. Reporters are ruthless bitches who will stop at nothing to get the dirt.

2. TV reporters are always followed by a cameraman who is most likely wearing a beret.

3. Reporters gather like wild dogs outside of courthouses, yet only one reporter asks a single question.

4. TV anchors are always drinking, cursing or fighting during commercials.

5. Reporters are either power hungry or incredibly inept. Or both.

Did you learn the tenets of journalism from movies? Share your lessons learned in the comments. And be sure to check out Great (or greatly amusing) fictional journalists. Shout out to Tricia Takanawa.

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