Everyone’s A Blogger, Part 2

hillerp.jpgWe get it. LAT publisher David Hiller will use “blog posts” for those bits of sunshine previously known as “internal memos.” To wit:

October 10, 2007
First posting

I cannot think of a better first blog entry than to recognize one of our colleagues, John Salazar, who just returned to us from 18 months with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Yesterday I attended a welcome home gathering with John and our colleagues in the Technology department where John has worked since 1989. John is a sergeant in the Army reserves, and this is his second deployment. His first deployment was to Iraq in 2003. Also, his son Anthony is currently serving in Iraq with the 1st Infantry Division. We are so glad John is back with us safe and sound, as we hope his son will be soon as well. When you see John around please join in thanking him for his service.