Esquire’s Logo Soon to Join Rest of Trash on Already Crowded Southern California Beaches


During a recent photoshoot for Esquire, Benicio del Toro curled his long, sexy fingers around a 3D replica of the magazine’s logo and smiled for the camera. But for reasons we fail to comprehend, del Toro was then instructed to toss the logo into the Los Angeles River, says design director David Curcurito:

“I had thrown the logo to Benicio, and he was twirling it around, like it was a gun,” Mr. Curcurito recalled. “And then I said, ‘O.K., chuck it in the water.'”

Although the pictures turned out “fantastic” it turns out that the New Yorkers were too terrified to wade into what was likely no more than a trickle of water to retrieve the Masonite logo, and watched as it drifted slowly towards Long Beach. They then posted a cheeky item on their website, claiming the logo “missing.” We would really like to thank the staff of Esquire, for coming all the way to Los Angeles so they could undo years of progress we’ve made in cleaning up our precious waterway.