Esquire Editor Granger: ‘I Can See The Promised Land’

David Granger, editor of Esquire, says in a guest column for Publishing Executive that “this is the best time ever—ever!—to be on the creative side of the magazine business. Further, from where I’m sitting right now, I tell you: I can see the promised land—the green and verdant place where old and new media productively coexist, and everyone in publishing gets rich. I can see it.”

Granger, what are you smoking? Maybe nothing: he’s excited that we’re at a point in the magazine world where pretty much any crazy idea somebody comes up with can be done, thanks to technology. “In the past year, we’ve published a fashion portfolio in the magazine that became a music festival on our website, complete with music videos and downloadable MP3s of original songs. Our photography morphs into video, our illustrations become animated films. We’re building interactive games for various devices, and every one of our covers moves and/or talks.”

Granger says that it’s cheaper to acquire print subscribers via the web, and when that money starts pouring in, “we will get to pour more resources into doing even crazier, more expansive magazine/Web/iPad projects that will make everyone want our products more and make them more valuable to advertisers.”

Okay, but yes, there are some issues to work out: Esquire still can’t sell subscriptions for the iPad, and Granger wishes there was a better digital newsstand so the magazine could be “marketed innovatively and promoted for sale in easy-to-use virtual newsstands.”

What could go wrong? Hey, it’s nice to see some optimism, at least.