Author Recalls Impromptu Breakfast with Suge Knight

Essence magazine editor and blogger Demetria Lucas has a funny LA story in her debut tome, A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Loving Your Best Single Life.

She tells Washington Post reporter Erin Williams the episode is in fact one of her favorites to read out lout at book signing events. The chapter in question is all about how Lucas, while in LA for the ESPY Awards, spied a car belonging to music industry behemoth Suge Knight and decided to try and track him down:

I’ll read the LA story and be like, “What was I thinking? Who decides we’re gonna follow Suge Knight?”…

We were sitting next to each other, initially. We were all in one big booth, and then when Suge is done eating his food, he gets up and [walks to another booth]. And then one by one, all his boys do, and then leave me and my girls sitting at the table. And we’re confused – well I’m confused. They’re pretty normal about it. Cause I’m like, “Yo, this is usually the time – dudes are trying to holla, whatcha doing later, come back to my house, my hotel, my apartment, whatever. And they just got up and walked away. And I was like, “Okay…”

The only thing worse might have been if a member of the Knight posse had referred to Williams as “the black Carrie Bradshaw.” The reporter and author explains in the interview that she absolutely hates that oft-used media label.