ESPN Producer Kicks Local Writer Out of the Press Box at a High School Game

When you’re a local sports writer for 20 years, you get used to covering the local high school football team. But things change up when that team gets national coverage on ESPN. And for one sports writer, it meant he couldn’t watch the game from the press box.
Joe Davidson, a Sacramento Bee reporter tried to get into the press box last Friday for the Folsom Bulldogs versus the Grant Pacers, a pair of California powerhouses. The only problem; when he tried to take his seat, an ESPN television producer screamed at the writer to get out.

ESPN had decided to televise the game nationally, which meant bad news for Davidson. The unidentified producer told Davidson he couldn’t enter, and when he protested all she said was “I’m ESPN!”

Well la-di-da. The Los Angeles Times reports that the ESPN producer has apologized to Davidson, and he doesn’t hold a grudge. But he did write a piece about how ESPN disrupted the Folsom team all week, including pulling players out of classes for interviews and making them use certain water bottles.

Could that have been the reporter’s little piece of revenge? Probably. After all, what else could one do? It’s ESPN.

(h/t Romenesko)