Slimes Villaraigosa

86k_317.jpg posted another hot-and-bothered story about how the mayor’s in bed with Spanish-language media today. This time, though, it’s a story about how Univision gave Antonio Villaraigosa questions in advance of his weekly, “impromptu” interviews.

At first we reacted to this news with a yawn. First off, it’s not nearly as sexy as … well, sex. And secondly, while lying to viewers about the scripted nature of a news show displays bad judgement, it’s hardly scandalous.

But then we watched the video on ERS site of the mayor denying he had any recollection of being e-mailed questions in advance — even though he might have gotten advanced questions every week since 2006. Antonio, lying about the big stuff is one thing, but once you start fibbing about the small stuff, you come off as pathological.

Take a note from children’s television: If a reporter asks you a question, never — ever — say “I don’t know.” You’re gonna end up with green goop on your face.