Leimert Park Grandmother Gives LA Times Writer a Piece of Her Mind

Although the topic of LA Times op-ed contributing editor Erin Aubry Kaplan‘s (pictured) first KCET blog post of the new year is serious, there are a couple of funny undercurrents to the story of concerned reader Ann.

First off, the 74-year-old Leimert Park grandmother did not Google or tweet Kaplan, but rather called her after finding her home number in the phone book. Secondly, what she told Kaplan is apparently part of a larger ongoing campaign that has her kids and grandchildren “puzzled over why she won’t rest and enjoy her twilight years.” Ha ha.

The retired teacher called Kaplan to complain about the paucity of coverage in the LA Times of African-American residents and issues. She made her point succinctly and clearly, to which Kaplan promised to do all she could in 2013 to address the coverage gap.

In 2002, Kaplan contributed the essay “They’re Going Crazy Out There” to Geography of Rage, a tenth-year anniversary collection of reflections on the 1992 LA Riots. Read her full KCET piece here.

[Photo courtesy: erinaubrykaplan.com]