Eric Shiner Named Interim Director of Andy Warhol Museum

The Andy Warhol Museum, not to be confused with the Andy Warhol Foundation which is currently at war with the Smithsonian (though the Museum also put out its own statement about the ongoing David Wojnarowicz controversy and helped bring his pulled-piece in for public viewing in Pittsburgh), has named an interim director following the surprise announcement that its long-time head, Tom Sokolowski, had decided to retire. Though the Museum is planning to hunt for a full-time replacement from outside the museum, starting on January 1st, current curator at the institution, Eric Shiner, will take over the role. Here’s a bit about his background from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Shiner joined the Warhol as curator in October 2008. A native of New Castle and former curatorial assistant intern at the Warhol, Shiner was previously an adjunct professor of East Asian Contemporary Art at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Stony Brook University and Pace University. He was assistant curator under artistic director Shinji Kohmoto for the inaugural Yokohama Triennale in Japan in 2001. And he served as a guest curator for numerous exhibitions in New York.