Eric Boehlert Takes on Jonah Goldberg

Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert’s new column is titled, “Jonah Goldberg, a god-awful media critic”.

You say ‘god-awful media critic’, we say ‘total tool’.

Boehlert breaks down Goldberg’s recent piece in USA Today:

Now, remember. According to Goldberg and USA Today, the Obama-media honeymoon angle was a no-brainer; the “examples” were self-evident. So, of course, diligent media critic Goldberg simply stuffed his column with irrefutable, stone-cold examples of the news media’s love affair, right? Not quite. Instead of facts or figures or even examples, readers got priceless nuggets like this:

There’ve been no standing ovations — yet — with Obama, but there’s no denying that many in the news media are clapping on the inside.

Clapping on the inside must be code for something. What the hell?

Boehlert ends with:

The painful lesson for USA Today? When you hire Jonah Goldberg to be a press critic, you get what you pay for.

Uhm, no they don’t. That quip only works when someone posts for free. They totally don’t get what they pay for – either does the LAT when they scrape up their bankrupt bucks to give him cash.

We say, if you’re a liberal – you should love that a numb nuts like Goldberg is your opposition. Low lying fruit.

Can’t forget this his interview with Jon Stewart – BRILLIANT. “How is organic food fascist?” Also check out our earlier stories on Goldberg.