Epicurious: ”The New York Times Has The Best Cafeteria In Midtown”


Quien es mas macho? Despite the fact that the contractor Restaurant Associates runs both cafeterias, Epicurious’ Michael Y. Park scores The New York Times cafeteria as a better joint to get ones eat on than Hearst’s. From Epicurious:

”Call it David vs. Goliath, the Little Engine That Could, or Hometown Boy Does Good. The scrappy little paper known as the New York Times has the best cafeteria in Midtown, so far, felling the undefeated Hearst Tower, and all of us here in the Big Apple are very proud of it.

”Don’t get cocky, NYT.”

Epicurious’ Cafeteria Smackdown rated the two cafeterias in three separate categories: Design, Food and Price. While The New York Times cafeteria tied Hearst in the price category — both received a respectable 7 out of 10 rating — the Gray Lady edged ahead in the Food and Design.

(image via flickr)