Enemies List: King Wenclas vs. Maud Newton

Enemies List: Wenclas vs. Newton

King Wenclas, the head of the Underground Literary Alliance (which seems to interpret “underground” as “attempting to get as much media attention as conceivably possible”) has picked a fight with literary blogger Maud Newton:

do I think Maud Newton is an apologist for the status quo lit-world? Absolutely. To come to that conclusion, all one has to do is read her site.

TMFTML adds to the list of Newtonian offenses:

· Maud Newton is actually 6’4″. She pretends to be short “because it’s more evil.”

· Maud Newton once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, then shot another one because she didn’t think the first one “gave a compelling performance.”

·In 1982, Maud Newton overhauled the Alternative Minimum Tax, calculating the new AMT at a 20-percent rate less an exemption based on the taxpayer’s filing status. Similar to current law, AMT was due only to the extent that it exceeded an individual’s regular tax. Maud ensured that the AMT was not indexed to inflation, thus setting into motion her plan to tax every man, woman, and child into penury.

Advantage: (Now that we’ve stopped laughing) Newton