Endless Summer Media Preview #4: Mediabistro Staffer Edition


For the latest installment of our Endless Summer Media Preview, we asked those who consume more media than is probably healthy — our own mediabistro staff — what the summer will bring.

Will baby Suri grow webbed feet? Will Britney‘s baby come out with black hair? Will the stank at Canal Street Q station ever cease?

Those and other bold media predictions:

  • Amanda Barrett
    assistant director of education, mediabistro.com
    summer media story: The World Cup Death Watch is the story not just of this summer, but of all the summers until 2010.
    summer plans: My personal summer plan is to figure out what that ungodly dead horse stank is in the middle of the downtown Q train platform at Canal Street. I’m not going to do any actual research, but I will think about it as I hold my breath and push people aside to get from one end to the other.

  • Dorian Benkoil
    editorial director, mediabistro.com
    summer media story: I’ll be checking up on Women and Horses, one of Mr. Magazine’s 30 Most Notable launches last year. His Mag-ness says W & H “understands that ‘the special bond between woman and horse is timeless and powerful.'”
    summer plans: Women and horses.

  • Shannon Carpenter
    office manager, mediabistro.com
    summer media story: Plan to read about, but not follow: the Bush administration. I find that if I suspend disbelief, it’s kind of like reading a John Grisham novel. That, and baby Suri‘s public debut … Will she be green? Have antennae? Webbed feet? Ooh la la!
    summer plans: to go to more places where I don’t get cell reception. And to go to the Pacific Northwest for some blueberry pickin’, salmon cookin’, kayakin’, rope swingin’, nephew wranglin’, campin’ fun.

  • Jessica Eule
    education coordinator, mediabistro.com
    summer media story: To see how far this guy goes.

  • Rebecca Fox
    features editor, mediabistro.com
    summer media story: In a response befitting this funhouse mirror of an exercise, I’m primarily interested in writers who can impress me with how abreast of media stories they are, and can deliver shiny, well-sourced pieces about them at my doorstep. But I’ve got an eye on: biz-mag proliferation; firsthand accounts of of media folks’ inappropriate/drunken/Hamptons summer extracurriculars; and Old Guard media outlets that have finally stopped hitting the ‘snooze’ button on planting their flags online.
    summer plans: Besides basking in the post-acclimation glow at this here new gig, I’ll be hitting the Jersey shore for a week in August — banal to most, but for a native Californian, it’s more exotic than the Maldives. Since I’ll be joining someone else’s family trip, I get to let all the decision-making fall to others without seeming like a deadbeat — vacation in its purest form — all while remaining blissfully unscathed by any bickering, since as a non-relative, I’m Switzerland.

  • Patrick Gavin
    editor, FishbowlDC
    summer media story: How tailgating is turning men into Martha Stewarts.
    summer plans: Working. Avoiding sweating.

  • Ron Hogan
    editor, GalleyCat
    summer media story: I’ll be watching to see if this New York Post story means that Ann Coulter’s finally going to get what’s coming to her, and I’ll be keeping half an eye on whether or not there’s another Gawker Media shakeup before Labor Day.
    summer plans: Once the World Cup’s over, I’ll go back to managing my fantasy baseball team full-time.

  • Brian Stelter
    editor, TVNewser
    summer media story: I’ll be counting down the days until Katie Couric shows her face on CBS (September 5), counting up the number of times Anderson Cooper shows his face as his publicity machine rolls on, and counting on a good made-for-cable-news tabloid story (sharks? missing white women? snakes on planes?) to come along in August.
    summer plans: Plenty of time blogging by the beach. I’m trying to spend a month’s worth of time by the coast, getting tan and sandy. Also: A week in Colorado and a trip to Cedar Point, Ohio.

  • Alissa Walker
    editor, UnBeige
    summer media story: Only story worth following: Will Britney’s baby come out with black hair and a denim miniskirt? That is, if she is indeed pregnant. I’ve bet two of my friends a case of Cheetos each that she’s just bloated.
    summer plans: Surfing, gardening, riding my bike around Hollywood, crashing the Roosevelt pool now that Amanda Scheer Demme has been ousted from power; two weeks of pints and riojas in London and Spain for my birthday.

  • Sarah Weiman
    editor, GalleyCat
    summer media story: I realize this is so 2002 (or 2003?) but some media person has to get into some sort of rear-end SUV car accident in the Hamptons. Or barring that, another literary scandal, because this is the Year of Such Things and we need more of them.
    summer plans: Taking some time off the merry-go-round of travel that has been the last two months of my life. Drinking Pimm’s. Catching up on reading.

  • Claire Zulkey
    editor, MBToolbox
    summer media story: I never do purposefully follow media stories. And I extra never do in the summer.
    summer plans: I’m about halfway through a summer of travel. I’ve gone to Wisconsin, Alabama, NY and DC thus far. Next week I’m going to Montreal and Quebec City for a week, and then heading to San Francisco in August. The media story to follow here is to find out how long it takes for a boss to fire an employee who spends so much time blogging, freelancing and traveling.

  • Dylan Stableford
    managing editor, media news, mediabistro.com | editor, FishbowlNY
    summer media story: Paris Hilton‘s aural debut. Think I’m kidding? Along with Dave Grohl, I have been waiting for this moment for over three years, and it’s almost here. That, and where Jared Paul Stern lands on the media version of the Blinko board. Oh, and lest we forget, this is the Summer of Isobella.
    summer plans: It begins and ends with Wiffleball and Hefeweizen, both of which will be consumed in copious amounts this weekend as my golden arm carries my team through a charitable Wiffleball tourney. But don’t let the “charitable” part fool you — it’s a death battle.

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