Politico’s Allen Delivers Powerful Message

Tuesday’s election is the culmination of a LOT of hard work from reporters. Many have been on the road for months on end. Barely ever sleeping in their own bed. Not being able to eat a home cooked meal. We get it. It’s a rough schedule to keep up and we thank you for it. Don’t ever say it’s a thankless job. (All that being said, it’s not exactly ditch digging.)

In Tuesday morning’s Politico Playbook, Mike Allen pays tribute to all the hard working journos who have lived the road life and comes across like a Hallmark card…

Mobile Mikey pens this love letter to America today, so the least you could do is just sit back and read his sweet, sweet poetry.

“MORNING MINDMELD: Today, a campaign that has been all lyrics will finally find its music. A final prediction, based on our conversations with top operatives in both parties: In a flip of what anyone would have predicted even weeks ago, Republicans will gain a few net seats in the House and lose at least one in the Senate. And we’re sticking with what we’ve said for months: an early night. Networks call the presidency at 11(ish). This is a night of trends, not ties.

Good luck and Godspeed to the dedicated, passionate, mostly young people on the campaigns. Thank you for the memories: the miles on the road, the nights in random sports bars, the craziness of hashing out a 5 a.m. vs. 6 a.m. embargo time for a web video. If you don’t get your dream tonight, remember one of the Playbook Rules for Living: Ya never know. We are living proof that life takes unexpected turns, and you will – mysteriously, but surely – wind up better off. And thank you, Playbook readers, for allowing us to serve you through these crazy times — and for your tips, beefs and ideas. Keep ’em coming.

Soak it in, have fun, pop some popcorn: This is an amazing, romantic day in our history and for our democracy.”

Smell that folks? That’s the hot stink of American freedom blowing across your desktop.