Emma Gilbey Keller Discusses a Family Interwoven with the News Cycle

More Bill Keller news! Well, kind of. This is slightly different. This is about Bill Keller’s wife, Emma Gilbey Keller, and their family. She wrote a great piece for Vanity Fair in which she discusses how their lives were forever intertwined with breaking news and headlines while Bill worked as Executive Editor of the New York Times.

It’s an aspect that doesn’t get discussed: How living with the head of the most powerful paper in the world means intimate family moments are often recalled along with the news cycle. Gilbey Keller explains:

This—this knitting of headlines and family dramas—has turned my memories into a composite of what’s happened both inside and outside of our house. Four years ago this month, I remember standing in a Long Island field, watching Alice ride as I dialed Bill in South Africa. He was there with Molly, and they were waiting to meet Nelson Mandela—but the purpose of my call was to tell Bill his mother had just died. Or the Sunday of President Obama’s inauguration weekend, where we shared a family breakfast on our trip, quietly celebrating Bill’s 60th birthday.

Head over to Vanity Fair’s site for the rest of the piece, it’s certainly worth your time.