Elle‘s Robbie Myers: ‘Good Fashion Reporters are Gold To Me’

In the final segment of her Media Beat interview Elle editor-in-chief Robbie Myers gives us a sneak peek at what the magazine has in store for its ‘early adopter’ readers with the launch of its iPad app (“That’s where we need to be”), which will coincide with the on-sale date of the October issue.

Turns out October is a big month for Elle as the magazine will also be celebrating its 25th anniversary. And what better way to do it than to deconstruct what it means to be 25 years old today? Myers and her team delve into the lives of twenty-five 25 year old women in the issue (and on-line) to learn about what makes them tick. At the top of the list: fashion, of course. But Myers insists there’s plenty of substance behind their style fixation.

And for those “beautifully educated people” who might be thinking about applying for a job at Elle, Myers offers these sage words of advice: learn to report — and be enthusiastic while doing it.

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