Elle’s Advice Columnist Talks Dirty

E. Jean Carroll, Elle magazine’s 69-year-old relationship advice diva, who helps readers solve such mysteries as “what to do when your man won’t bathe?” has a new venture, called “Tawkify.” The undertaking is a dating service all done over the phone.

But enough about that. Carroll is a great talker, as displayed by this interview in The New York Observer. Here are some choice quotes.

On a college sex survey she conducted:

“I was going to write a book, but I was so overwhelmed with the data. Sixty percent of college kids have tried anal sex. That threw me for such a loop, I couldn’t write… I don’t know what I expected, BUT MY GOD! Apparently, porn has had a huge influence, so everyone wants to try it, right? By everybody, I mean dudes.”

On Tawkify’s safety features:

“One of the reason why so many women signed up is because they’re protected. Nobody sees their picture. So creeps and jugheads and assholes are not sending them messages.”

On how the site will stay small:

“I am not going near people like this guy who emailed —are you ready for this?­­ This is what he wants in a woman: ‘Not a whore. Not fat. But an intellectual.’ [laughs] Now I am not going to match him! I don’t care how much money he pays me, he is not going to get a match.”