Electrolux Design Lab Gets Urban Twist

The Electrolux Design Lab competition is back for its eleventh go-round, and this year the theme–urbanization–invites a broader array of entries than ever before. Design students (undergraduate or graduate) from around the world have until March 15 to submit creative ideas for an innovative product, accessory, consumable, or service that “would be seen as a breakthrough within the sector of social cooking, natural air, or effortless cleaning.”

Flummoxed by the concept of social cooking, and fearful that it may involve having to share dessert, we consulted Electrolux and learned that for this category, the judges are looking for ideas that address city dwellers’ “shortage of entertaining space and preparation time, whilst allowing us to live a healthier lifestyle.” This sounds like a job for Jetsons-style food pellets–after all, last year’s first-prize winner was Jan Ankiersztajn‘s Aeroball, a constellation of luminescent, helium-infused balls that floatingly filter and fragrance the air in a room. Noble gases win again. Begin the brainstorming process (where can we get some delicious yet effortless neon?) by watching highlights from last year’s finals, held at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.