Election Confessions Lets You Anonymously Share Your Feelings About the Elections

PostSecret meets politics.

You can think of NBC News’ Election Confessions Tumblr as a PostSecret for the political set or for innocent bystanders caught up in the unavoidable typhoon of elections coverage, searching for a way to broadcast their feelings, albeit anonymously.

The site features a running scroll of notes, some printed, some handwritten, some filling the space of a postcard, some a full sheet of loose leaf paper. There are Republicans who plan to vote for Democrats and vice-versa, family members trying to convince each other to vote for their candidate of choice, lots of worrying over the effect Trump is having on the social and cultural climate in this country, and expressions of general embarrassment over how this cycle has played out.

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The idea came out of a real-life elections-related confessional conversation that MSNBC.com homepage editor Anna Brand overheard in a coffee shop one morning. Figuring that those were not the only two people in the world with something to say, she started thinking about how NBC News could create a repository for voters’ hopes, or, more likely, fears and anxieties.

The site has received over 5,000 confessions since its launch on Feb. 22.

If you’re interested in getting your own confession in, NBC News has set up a dedicated number that people can call to leave a voicemail or text, or to text a picture of their handwritten notes.