How E. Jean Carroll Once Answered Roger Ailes

Columnist recalls her epic reply to that job interview stand-by, "What's your biggest flaw?"

The set-up for E. Jean Carroll’s latest Elle magazine advice column is fairly straightforward:

Dear E. Jean: I have an interview coming up for a PR job with a famous company that makes animated movies. Although I’m great at PR, I suck at talking about myself. And I’m terrible in interviews. How do I answer the “What’s your greatest weakness” question? I don’t want to go the “I work tooooooo hard” route. But what other weakness is there that doesn’t affect my ability to perform the job and comes across as honest? I’m stumped! — PR Girls Aren’t All About the Hype

Carroll’s answer? Whoa Nelly! It’s one for the ages, as it revisits how she once dealt with that HR staple during a 1994 job interview with Roger Ailes. At the time, Ailes had been tasked with launching a new TV network called America’s Talking.

How much of what Carroll writes there is actually what she told Ailes? That’s for us to know and you to guesstimate. And speaking of working for Ailes, if you’re not already familiar with his great Apprentices program, click here.