Social Media Users Sound Off on Horrific Biker-SUV Brawl

The Christian Post reporter Leonardo Blair has the details on how people are chiming in via Facebook and YouTube about that apocalyptic Sunday incident on the streets of Manhattan involving a group of angry bikers and a husband and wife who allegedly left the scene in an SUV with their two-year-old daughter. At the center of this vigilante drama are Edwin Mieses Jr. (a.k.a. Jay Meezee), 32, an aspiring rapper now in a medically induced coma, and Alexian Lien, 33, an executive with

The YouTube “helmet cam” video of the pursuit and beginnings of the September 29 altercation has generated an almost even number of thumbs-up (10,651) and thumbs-down votes (9,952) at press time. On Facebook meanwhile, two distinct sites have sprung up:

The Facebook page calling for justice for Mieses had more than 19,000 likes as of Wednesday afternoon, while the one set up for Lien had a fraction of that at just under 3,500 Facebook likes.

“Justice For Jay Meezee. The media is trying to paint the man driving the Range Rover as the victim. Yet, Jay Meezee is in a coma and paralyzed unable to walk again along with a list of severe injuries sustained,” noted the “About” section of the fan page for Mieses.

YouTube video comments are of course another reflection of public sentiment. Upwards of 2,000 at the moment, expressing all sorts of emotion about this chaotic chain of events.

Update (October 3):
The Liens have released an official statement. Read it here.