Editor’s Mother Reviews Son’s Book on Amazon

TWT Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker and Former D.C. Bureau Chief for Variety William Triplett II have a new book out and Decker’s mother offered her two cents about it on Amazon. She could have used a fake name and written a glowing review under the pretense of a stranger. Instead, she went with motherly pride:

Her headline: Scary Pride

“I am a big fan of Brett Decker; I know of his passion for his country. BOWING TO BEIJING is extremely informative, but extremely scary. Please read BOWING TO BEIJING. From Brett’s mom.”

Others also think the book has merit. Former TWT Editorial Page Editor Tony Blankley, V.P. of Edelman public relations, raves about it on the conservative website Newsbusters, calling it a “must-read” and an “astounding narrative.”

On Amazon, 26 people wrote reviews on the book, 22 of whom gave it five stars. And yes, his mom was among them. Read here.