Editor’s Convention Timing is #$@%ing Impeccable

The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko had near perfect pitch timing last night during opening night of the GOP Convention speeches in Tampa. As the rest of the political reporting universe was writing about Ann Romney (ooh, she’s so stunning!), Nikki Haley (pretty necklace), Chris Christie (big, big speech!) and the rest of the gang, Martosko chose smack in the middle of Christie’s keynote to mention how readers can sign up to be on a cigar list complete with prizes.

“Sign up for The Daily Caller’s #Cigar Hunter list for emails and prize giveaways –> [visit here],” he wrote at 10:40 p.m.

As some readers know, Martosko recently began penning a biweekly cigar column. And he apparently can’t get the smokes off his mind because he mentions them wherever he goes, including extensively in a red meat speech he gave recently in Colorado at an anti-politically correct ATF party.

In other Martosko news, because there are really never enough Martosko tidbits to share, rumor has it he’s staying with former TWTer and bestselling author Rich Miniter on his boat. Boat buddies! That’s so special. We can only imagine the smoke coming out of the underground cabin.

For his perfect timing and tone, we’re giving Martosko this tuning fork. If nothing else, he can use it on Miniter if he gets out of hand. We reached out to Martosko — so far he’s at a loss for words.