Editor & Publisher’s Killer: Lack Of Job Listings?

Now that Editor & Publisher is closing (aiee!) we can begin to panic.

The magazine carefully and fairly chronicled the deaths of every other form of print media and now it, too, is becoming a casualty.

And what killed E&P?

Like many casualties of this decade, Internet revenues couldn’t make up for the deep decline in print advertising revenues. And E&P’s bread and butter was classified ads for journalism jobs, which, if you haven’t noticed, are few and far between lately.

A commenter at Romenesko summed it up:

Over the years, I got at least two gigs — and, believe it or not, decades ago, right after I got out of college, a job interview with the National Enquirer — thanks to ads I placed or read in E&P. And, of course, when sending out resumes and clips, I always relied on the E&P Yearbook for names and addresses of editors. Gone are the days…

Beyond the fact that classified ads in this specific industry have disappeared, though, job ads—just like everything else that’s a classified ad—have been migrating to the Web. Just another Craigslist casualty..

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