Editor Laments Turning Down TV Hit for Honeymoon

In what may be the most obnoxious use of Social Media comes this morning, as Fran Chambers, editor of Red Alert Politics and a Washington Examiner contributor, took to Twitter to lament the fact that she couldn’t do a TV hit on Trayvon Martin because she was on her honeymoon in the Virgin Islands.

From start to finish, Chambers spent her wedding week on Twitter. Only two days passed with silence as she tweeted her way through her beach nuptials and honeymoon. In her exhausting coverage, she revealed that her new husband ran into the ocean with his cell phone in his pocket and will “REALLY” be offline for the week. Too bad the same didn’t happen to hers (but no doubt she likely has a few backups).



Yeah, that really stinks that we can’t have yet another journalist weighing in on George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin because we don’t have enough Washington journalists discussing the case this week.

Read more about her week because yes, there’s more. Here are 5 things about Chambers’ week that we wish we could unlearn:

5. On July 15, Cloture Club writes generally on Twitter, “National Journal asks the question: Do women make better senators then men?” They cc Chambers and another woman on the question. Chambers then feels some inane need to respond, saying, “Gonna sit this one out. I just got married this am ;)” And when the BBC comes calling (on Twitter no less), to her credit she turns them down, but why respond at all? Oh, the prospect of future radio hits. She says, “Hi Liz, while that is an amazing opportunity, unfortunately I am on my honeymoon! Please keep me in mind in the future!”

4. It took her new husband 20 minutes before he realized that he had destroyed his cell phone in the ocean. How do we know? She tweeted about it.

2. She writes, “Sometimes things are so beautiful they don’t need filters.” With that, she tweets a picture of a gigantically tall palm tree. Another thought: Sometimes things are so beautiful you can just look at them and enjoy.

2. They accidentally booked two layovers on their way to the Virgin Islands. Thankfully, Chambers 4Squares herself all the way there. They flew through Miami International Airport. But before that she explains,”I hate flying, but I love vacations. First stop: Miami. #letsgetthispartystarted.”

1. This is called foreshadowing. Cover your eyes now. “It’s a good thing I didn’t put my computer in my checked bag. Turns out we accidentally arrived at the airport 2 hours early. #backonthegrid” Right. God forbid she’s off the grid for more than a few hours.