The Public’s Sympathy for Credit-Challenged Celebrities Is Maxed Out

Sometimes, the unlikeliest Internet content can surface from the unlikeliest of online sources. Take today’s Op Ed from the Austin, TX newsroom of, actually one of the more legitimate players in this field rather than a purveyor of search engine cluttering SEO content.

In pointing to upside-down SoCal big spenders such as Timothy Busfield, Heidi Montag (pictured) and Lenny Dykstra, contributor Ann Brenoff makes the very valid point that the public’s tolerance for such behavior in today’s decimated United States of Jobless Recovery America has waned. But what really caught our attention is the famous sidekick she tied the public opinion shift to.

The sympathy showered on poor old Ed McMahon just two short years ago has largely gone AWOL as a new crop of celebrities and a slew of professional athletes fall on the sword of financial ruin from having lived above their means. It’s a shift in attitude that came upon us as swiftly as our rediscovery of savings accounts.

Brenoff is absolutely right. The outpouring of support for McMahon and offers of help from the likes of Donald Trump would be almost unthinkable today. Even Andy Richter might be hard pressed for bail-out help from Coco Nation were he to blow his NBC settlement and TBS cash on poor investments.