Easing the Pain, One Essay at a Time

This essay over at Wisdump, “Designers’ Egos,” is nothing substantially new, as the main points are “To be a designer you have to a) be your own critic and b) learn to accept criticsm,” which is certainly the two things that are said to you probably a billion times in your professional career. But it’s well written and takes a very solid position on both points. And it’s nice to re-read that kind of stuff from time to time. We’ve got a layout for a personal project to do later today and we’ve been fretting about it all day because we’re certain we’re not going to be able to make it look as good as it does in our head right now. But in reading this kind of essay, it makes you feel better, reminding you of those little tools you can use to avoid the inevitable, overwhelming frustration that’s likely essential in making your work reach its best-ness. So go forth, read, re-read, take a break, then get back to being brilliant. It’s what we’re planning on doing.

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