Eager Designers, Ripe For The Pickin’


‘Tis the season for college and university design programs to have their annual showings of student work. And the site Crit, right now, has a great rundown of the first-year student exhibit at the School of Visual Arts in New York. It’s a terrific idea, the whole theme of the exhibit being about souveniers, and has loads of potential. So if you’re around, it’s going on now. Here’s the scoop:

First-year students in the MFA Designer As Author Department led by co-chairs Steven Heller and Lita Talarico present their work in the program’s seventh annual 3D product design exhibition. This year’s exhibit is “Souvenir…The Rest Is History,” showcasing booths from historical and cultural events along with souvenirs relevant to each booth. The exhibit is curated by award-winning art director and master craftsman Kevin O’Callaghan, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, People magazine and on MTV.

People buy souvenirs when they travel as mementos of their intellectual and emotional experiences. This exhibit appeals to such thoughts and feelings, but instead of Las Vegas, London or Tokyo, the “destinations” here are historical and cultural events of each student’s choosing, including Known & Lost, which asks what happened to Amelia Earhart’s plane in 1937; The Factory, celebrating the work of Andy Warhol; Souvenir “Booth,” recreating the scene of the assassination of President Lincoln; the Wizard of Google, which compares the search site to the Wizard of Oz in people’s quest for answers; and sixteen others. Each souvenir booth will feature a line of products as well as a crafted environment in which these souvenirs
will be displayed.

Also, if you’re planning a road-trip around the East Coast, hitting up all of these kinds of things, Crit also has a little on Yale’s MFA program’s end-of-year show, which sounds equally as cool.