E3: The Games, The Consoles, The Lines

E3 is exactly like the floor of a Vegas casino, except the floor is thumping beneath you and the carpet is uncomfortably thick to tread through. Trade show exhibit designers: if 4″ shag is your plot to slow us down, it’s working.

Loco Roco (above) gets our votes for both its graphics and its simplicity. And because it’s somewhat like Katamari–our all-time fav ever. So, basically you roll this ball around, and it’s way cooler than it sounds. And, oh yeah, the ball sings to you.

We could have spent all day in the History of Video Games exhibit, and we did get to brush up our ColecoVision skills with “Smurfs: Return to Gargamel’s Castle.”

Peripherals were probably the most fascinating from a technology standpoint. There’s a skate/snowboard you can stand on, a bike, a baseball bat, and a golf game where you actually swing at a ball. Then there’s the game-as-performance: Guitar Hero, Guitar Freak, SingStar (plays the actual videos, which is a plus–and we saw a guy rock out to The Darkness), Karaoke Revolution, Karaoke Revolution Country. So combine the two concepts of peripheral and performance and you have video games that actually help you lose weight: Dance Dance Revolution Energy.

We only got a brief glimpse of Wii, but we got a great look at the line, which stretched almost all the way around the exhibit hall and was rumored to be about two hours long. No matter, every single person in line had their PSP out.

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