Byers Sugarcoats Enemy Status With Silver

Politico‘s Dylan Byers is rather kind to himself when describing his cantankerous relationship with NYT‘s Nate Silver. This is how he characterized reaching out to Silver for a post published Thursday. As you can see below, Byers framed it rather timidly, saying that Silver has not been a fan of his blog or of Politico. Not to put too fine a point on it — oh, but why not? — but not only has Silver not been playing kissing games with Byers, but he has, in fact, called him a “terrible journalist.” The bad blood between them, in part, is over this item, in which Byers questioned whether Silver would be a one-term celeb if his election predictions were wrong.

“POLITICO reached out to Silver to ask how much of an effect he believed his data and analysis had on voters in 2012, if any. Silver, who has been a critic of this blog and of POLITICO in the past, did not respond.”

We like that Byers reached out to someone who hates his guts. But we think Byers’ line should’ve gone something like this: “Silver, who loathes every cell in my body and would probably like to rip out every hair follicle in my goatee, did not respond.”