Dwell and Designers Sittin’ In a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G


We’ve always adored Dwell but lately there’s been even more to love. In the two most recent issues, they’ve gone ga-ga for graphic designers.

First, they asked for recommendations of the best architecture and design books from five of the graphic design persuasion: Michael Bierut, Andrew Blauvelt, Ellen Lupton, Jessica Helfand, and Susan Yelavich. Then–same issue–they interview David Kelley of IDEO about design thinking.

In this month’s issue, ‘4 Influential Designers,’ Ellen Lupton and Abbott Miller and their Baltimore home and offices are covered in a stunning nine-page spread. They even say the cutesy couple is to graphic design what “Charles and Ray Eames were to industrial design.” Whoa!

A double shot of Ellen Lupton! Design thinking! Have the AIGA operatives been hard at work here? Did Allison Arieff stumble into a HOW Conference? We know putting the word ‘design’ on the cover sells magazines. But we haven’t been this excited about Dwell since they profiled the Winterhouse Studio. Graphic design is definitely ‘at home in the modern world.’ Keep it up. We love it.